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Dan Bush

Emily Hasken
Marketing Director


Devon Wiese
Operating Partner


Rich Cooksey

Bummer City is not in the bar and restaurant business, but in the business of building your favorite hangout. Places that want to make you get out of the house and meet up with friends. They started with a plan to open just one bar, Analog Arcade Bar, in 2015. They had so much fun with that a few more sounded like a good idea.

Their second project was The Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, a music venue and saloon, which opened in March of 2017. It was later re-imagined into Devon's Complaint Dept., an unpretentious matchbook-sized cocktail bar and dog-centric patio (Bummer City is not involved in the new iteration of the Raccoon Motel). 

In October of 2017, they opened Armored Gardens, a bar and fast casual restaurant that features 100 beers on draft, a sprawling outdoor patio, and American fare.  In December of 2018, they opened a second Analog location in Moline, Illinois which (unlike the Davenport location) is open to all ages until 9:00 pm. 

They will be opening their next project, Bummer Burger, in Moline Centre in 2023.

Bummer City Inc. does not believe in rapid growth. They have no master plan.  They only want to open one thing at a time, when it feels right, waiting for that next idea that will keep them up at night and that perfect spot to make that idea real.

We want to connect with you. If you have an idea for us, or if you want help opening a place of your own, please get in touch:

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