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We have a fun squad. 

You should join it.


Want to join a team of creative and driven hospitality professionals committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for our customers and those who work beside us? We believe in fostering a fun and fair work environment. Everyone on our team, between wages and tips, is guaranteed at least $15 an hour. We also have some sweet perks. If you want in, send an e-mail to


FOOD AND DRINK DISCOUNT: Every team member gets 50% off all food, drink, and tokens at any of our locations, anytime. 

MERCHANDISE DISCOUNT: Every team member gets 25% off all merchandise from our inventory.

WELLNESS PROGRAM: We offer a Corporate YMCA membership which includes all of their QC locations (for Illinois side, please contact Dan). The way it works is we pay $15/month, the YMCA pays for $7.50/month, and you pay $14.50/month.

TEAM EMERGENCY FUND: We understand that sometimes life happens and you are met with unexpected expenses outside of your control. That is why we established an annual fund to help with these situations. Team members can apply for up to $250 per year (capped at $4,000 annually) for specific financial hardship situations.

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